8 Marketing Insights PPC Optimization

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These insights were outlined from a couple of conferences. We found them useful for our campaigns and decided to highlight them for you in the graphic.

1. 50% of Search Queries are 4 Words or Longer

Think in phrases and questions your customers are asking, not just keywords.

2. You Lose 97% of Leads on Leaky Landing Pages

TAKEAWAY: To keep leads engaged and push them down the funnel faster, push phone calls rather than website visits

3. More than 86% of Time on Your Phone is Spent Within an App

TAKEAWAY: Marketing your company’s app should be a higher priority than catering to the mobile web. Create a strategy to get more app traffic through Facebook App links, Twitter Cards, Google App Index, etc.

4. Phone calls from the mobile SERPs are going to become more and more important as time goes on.

TAKEAWAY: Ensure that your search campaigns are pushing phone calls, and that you’re properly tracking these phone calls to understand the value they’re bringing to your business.

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5. It’s 2X as Hard to Get Your Ad Seen on the Mobile SERPs

TAKEAWAY: Don’t let poor mobile performance discourage you! Revamp your mobile strategy to bid up on the keywords with high-purchase intent and save your lower-intent keywords for desktop where you’re more likely to gain profitable visibility.

6. 51% of People Want Location-Based Coupons When Searching

TAKEAWAY:   Use coupons and in-store deals on mobile to spur visits and conversions at your storefront

7. 72% of Consumers Who Did a Local Search Visited a Store within 5 Miles

TAKEAWAY: If you’re a local storefront, you NEED to be advertising in geo-targeted radius on Google. Your shoppers expect to find you online before visiting your storefront.

8. 43% of Consumers Do Research in the Store

TAKEAWAY: Consumers are more informed than ever before. Ensure your shoppers are able to find product reviews easily while on-the-go. If you’re in the retail space, ensure you have over 50 reviews on one of Google’s approved review aggregator sites so they show up within your ads. This could prevent a shopper from purchasing with a competitor.

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